Thursday, December 27, 2018

More on Historical Mormon Emigration from Liverpool Docks

Anonymous D and I continue on our project to link up the Mormon Emigration departures to the specific docks at Merseyside in Liverpool, England. D has linked up some old maps with new, public digital maps. We plan to have the docks linked and listed with the ships that departed from them.

Recently while Googling around the Liverpool waterfront, I found four dock markers that are visible to passers-by, possibly in a tourist coach along the Mersey. The route swings by new condos on Prince's Dock where Heber C. Kimball leaped ashore in 1837 then on to Waterloo Road.

We are happy to share with all. I think it would be most fun to take people there, perhaps a coach passenger would be seated high enough to see over the walls into the dock areas. Here's the map:

South to North from the wonderful Liverpool Waterfront public places, we could circle 'round Prince's Dock. Then on Waterloo Road, we could see the old stone markers for Victoria and Trafalgar Docks (across from Costco):

Then on north, as Waterloo Road becomes Regent Road to Bramley-Moore Dock:

And finally, to Wellington Dock:

Continuing on just a bit is the entrance to the Port of Liverpool. Inside are the Alexandra Docks that we have previously mentioned as some of my Vaughans embarked there in 1886 and 1887. I'm going to check with the Port authorities to see if we can possibly get visitor access. . . .

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