Saturday, March 10, 2018

A Knight of the Table Round

How often do dreams you didn't even know you had come true? That's the nature of Quests for the Grail. It is always just out of reach until it comes to you.

We've been on these themes before: herehere, and here, as a few examples.

Mormon Heritage Association Tours has asked me to accompany the group to Britain this August!

One of my Professors of Portuguese from my undergraduate degree knows of my historical and genealogical research in Wales and recruited me to help with the amazing work he does. He is the absolute LDS authority on Welsh Language and Welsh Mormon History. This is a trial run to train me as Dr. Dennis wants to retire from these trips (he has led many), and he needs someone who can do what he does in finding the ancestral villages and homes of people on the tour. It's an upgrade from my "less-expensive" excursions. We will ride around in a bus so I don't have to drive, and we stay in nice hotels.

My services, and those of the other guides on various tours of Mormon historical sites in the US, Europe, and the Holy Land, are voluntary. But my travel is paid in exchange for the research I can do and the knowledge I have. I'm no Dr. Dennis, the most intimidating professor of my undergrad days, but I do have skills to share and they will continue to grow with additional experience and time.

I think I just pulled that sword out of the stone.


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