Thursday, March 15, 2018

Cymru, March 2018 I - Raglan and Llanfoist

The plane wasn't bad but a good night's sleep is out of the question which helps in a way because I'm so tired I will sleep all night. It's dark here now at 2 p.m. back home. And I have to wait until at least 10 to have a chance to sleep until the sun comes up.

I wandered the streets of Avergavenny tonight and will have to go back with my camera in the daylight having found the "town house" of the Vaughan's of Tretower. It's really something, but I don't want to oversell. I had to buy another Cadbury and asked for change in coin which seemed like the right way to phrase it as the Tesco checker gave pound coins. They are a necessity here for parking in some places and many other uses. Oh yeah, I found where Tesco is in Abergavenny. It's just a small grocery one.

I had to stop at Raglan to buy my Senior Cadw (Welsh Heritage) Pass. I can't even get the Park Service's Golden Eagle yet, but I'm good here! I only have to visit three sites to break even and I can cover that. And, I'll be back in August!

So the first pics are at Raglan looking for those new angles. And they are there:

The repaired parapet on the tower to the right of entrance.
The flag was still streaming o'er the ramparts
The Yellow Tower of Gwent still impresses.
And I noticed here that it shows a great example of strong walls with dressed stone on the outer and inner
filled in between with cobbles and cement (lime)
And of course, when I got on top, the sun came out.

Y Skirrid Fawr, the Sacred Mountain, in the distance.
And I have not missed the daffodils! (The record snow and cold of a couple of weeks ago probably helped too.)

In St. Faith's churchyard, Llanfoist, across the Usk River, I found that John's replacement Headstone does not disappoint. It is starting to age a bit with just one winter season. The recent bird-dropping I scraped off may be a part of that. I'll clean it up better tomorrow with some water. And I plan to plant some blooming daffodils right at its base that will keep on returning and spreading. I went to Waitrose but they didn't have any that would do. There is a Garden Centre on the Llanfoist side of the Usk I can try tomorrow.

The grave in relation to the Blorenge.

And yes, there is an ancient yew at Llanfoist. It's at the opposite side of the churchyard from John's grave.

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