Thursday, April 14, 2016

Slaying Dragons

A Red Dragon rises from the banks of the moat at Caerphilly Castle in the Land of my Fathers and Mothers
Recently, I was challenged on my "Quest." What is it I want? What would make me happy?

I tried to explain that I would love my Calling and Election but I doubted I would be achieving that any time soon. The question itself perturbed me because it is the Quest that I want even if I may never reach the Grail. I'm closer than I have been. Every day is a little closer. And will I ever get there? That is only in the hands of God. My part is just to keep trying even if mostly failing.

Then I found myself challenging a friend not to give up her Quest. Her Quest of community is as important as any. And the community would deeply feel the loss of her personal Quest that benefits the community.

That's the paradox of the Quest. It's painful to slay dragons. They breathe out fire and fear and have really big teeth, like dangerous rabbits. Oh yes, sometimes the rabbits are as bad as the dragons on the trail of the Quest.

In answer to the question "what would make me happy?" it is much easier to recognize what does not. Those are the dragons that need slaying. My armor is dented and dull. And I have not ceased the fight. 

So I leave you with, and for the benefit of my well-intended Inquisitor, some of my past musings on the Quest. They ought to be gathered in one place anyway:
The Fisher King - Robin Williams
Parsifal - Good Friday Music
Galahad and I
 Faith and Welsh
 There's Always a Trail
 The Old Campaigner
Even the Mo-Tab sings "The Impossible Dream" and the words from Jiminy Cricket:
Fate is kind
She brings to those who love
The sweet fulfillment of
Their secret longing

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