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Sunday Morning, April 3, 2016, Live-Blogging LDS General Conference

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So the talk in the Veil Workers waiting room Friday Night at the Bountiful Temple was that Sister Eyring is in failing health and Elder Eyring doesn't leave town. That means Pres. Uchtdorf is the only one of the First Presidency to travel.

I've also been talking up a guy I met through my wife's cousin there who works for the Church in Family History records digitizing. He only does US and Canada but he was very interested in my Family History Research and experience with Archives, Researchers, and Research in Wales.

President Thomas S. Monson
4 new temples
? Brazil and . . . [Belém is what he was trying to say]

Four New Temples Announced by President Monson

Temples to be built in Africa and South America

Thomas S. Monson, president of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, announced plans to build four new temples, located in Harare, Zimbabwe; Quito, Ecuador; Belém, Brazil; and Lima, Peru (the Church’s second temple in that city). The announcement came during his remarks at the Sunday morning session of the Church’s 186th annual general conference.

Earlier this month, the Church reached the milestone of 150 operating temples with the dedication of the Provo City Center Temple on March 22, 2016. The four temples announced Sunday will increase the total number of new temples announced or under construction to 27. An additional four existing temples are being renovated.

Harare, Zimbabwe

Zimbabwe is home to approximately 14.2 million people and over 26,000 members of the Church. The temple planned for Harare, Zimbabwe’s capital and most populous city, will be the first in the country. The Church has three operating temples in Africa (Aba, Nigeria; Accra, Ghana; and Johannesburg, South Africa), one under construction (Kinshasa, Democratic Republic of the Congo) and three more announced (Abidjan, Ivory Coast; Durban South Africa; and Harare, Zimbabwe). The closest temple to Harare is in Johannesburg, a 13-hour drive.

Quito, Ecuador

Ecuador is home to approximately 15.8 million people and more than 230,000 members of the Church. The temple in Quito, Ecuador’s capitol and second most populous city, will be the country’s second Mormon temple. Ecuador’s first temple, in Guayaquil, was dedicated in 1999.

Belém, Brazil

Nearly 1.3 million of Brazil’s 204 million people are members of the Church. Six operating temples (Campinas, Curitiba, Manaus, Porto Alegre, Recife and São Paulo) currently dot the country. Another temple is under construction in Fortaleza and two others are announced for Rio de Janeiro and now Belém.

Lima, Peru

Peru is home to approximately 30 million people and 557,000 members of the Church. The country has two operating temples (Lima and Trujillo) and two temples that have been announced (Arequipa and the new temple announced in Lima). The first temple in Lima was dedicated in 1986.

[Back to Pres. Monson]
Gift of Agency [we don't say "free agency" anymore]
Alice meets the Cheshire Cat who asks which way? And the Cat responds that it depends on where you want to go.
Choose the Harder Right.
Gift of Repentance [very short talk. Apparently all he can do]

Sister Bonnie Oscarson, Young Women General President
Story of young boy life-flighted to Primary Childrens Hospital
Mother flying with him could see four temples in Salt Lake Valley
She asked herself "Do you believe it?"
She knew it, but did she believe it.
The Spirit confirmed - she did believe it
She gave prayers of thanks and trusted Heavenly Father to allow her boy to go and she had peace.
Prayers, Fasting, and Faith helped him to return home and be healthy and happy.
This is the Church of Jesus Christ and all our testimony is possible because of the Atonement
No one else has the ordinances of Salvation
If we know all these things, do we believe them.
To believe we need to get the gospel from our heads into our hearts. Not just a habit.
King Benjamin and the mighty change the Lord can make in our hearts. Mosiah 4
True conversion takes place over a period of time
When we search the scriptures instead of the internet
Earnest prayer, faithfully serving in the Temple, and fulfilling our callings.
Great and Spacious Building is the problem - taunting, etc.
particularly concerned about those who make it to the tree and eat the fruit and then ashamed.

[my formatting dropped out the counselor in the Presiding Bishopric who also talked about the Great and Spacious Building and staying on the path]

Elder D. Todd Christofferson of the Quorum of the Twelve
[Great talk on fathers much of which dropped out of here after typing due to some formatting complications]

Discipline must be exercised with particular care - nothing approaching abuse - Holy Spirit is the guide
Show forth an increase of love D+C 121 principles.
It's not about punishing but teaching self-mastery.
Bread-winning is a consecrated activity - it's the essence of being a good father.
Working and family are overlapping
Don't overwork or underwork
Loving the mother of their children and showing that love is one of the best things they can do.
[He didn't mention Homer Simpson, but called on better role models in entertainment]
Education is key to develop skills you will need.
Establish personal contact, not just texting skills.
Rising generation - Regardless of your ranking of the father - honor them and your mother by your own life.
Your righteousness is the greater honor any father can receive.
Despite our imperfections, let us press on.
Think first of the happiness and well-being of others.
New Era story - Steelworker stopped by son's bed on the couch and prayed over him every morning.

Elder Quentin L. Cook of the Quorum of the Twelve
Vision of the Lord in the Kirtland Temple D+C 110
We have sense of rejoicing in Quito, Zimbabwe, Belém, and Lima for new Temples.
Talks of announcement in Thailand a year ago
We live in a sacred, holy time
Joseph Smith - great purpose of the Lord in providing baptism for the Dead D+C 128
We understand purpose of life.
The combination in increased numbers of Temples and advanced technology - we are among the saviors on mount Zion
Sec. 97 House of the Lord - not defiled - his glory will be upon it.
Members live to be worthy of a temple recommend
Work with bishop and achieve all righteous requirements - forgive yourself
Saviors atonement accomplished for all God's children
sins as scarlet shall be white as snow Isaiah 1
We self-certify our worthiness when we answer recommend questions.
Blessings are numerous - ordinances of salvation
For the dead, all ordinances provided in the temple
Brigham Young, the Lord has accomplished everything necessary for salvation
The Lord organizes eternal families only in Temples.
Those who have repented are welcome in his holy house
There is no distinction of rank, position, walks of life
Dressed in white. All sit side by side
Throughout the world - men and women can fulfill sealing ordinances and return to God together.
Temple mirrors facing each other -  reflections stretch into eternity.
Reflects sacred covenants that connect us to all generations
Dedicatory prayer of Kirtland Temple D+C 109 - still works on us.
Temple also a place of refuge, education, understanding, tranquility, peace
leave the cares of the world behind
While engaged in family history work we receive promptings from the other side.
As couple faced mirrors, temple worker noticed face that was not in the room
Please make any necessary changes required for the Temple
No more important goal than to prepare for Temple - Pres. Monson
Rededication of Fiji Temple was literally a refuge from Typhoon
Original dedication was in the midst of civil disorder - still performed cornerstone ceremony
President Dieter F. Uchtdorf, Second Counselor in the First Presidency
One of earliest memories is of air raid sirens and propelors and bombs - green and red flares - Christmas trees.
four years old and witness to world at war.
Close to Dresden fire-bombed and destroyed in one night.
Recognized his own people started the war
He has returned to Dresden and once again found it a jewel box
The Frauenkirche was restored.
fire blackened stones were re-used in the reconstruction
new life from ashes
Felt the sweet influence of the Holy Spirit
If man is capable of this, how much more is God capable of restoring his children who are lost
It matters not how scarlet sins, [this needs to be read in original text - Beautiful language - besides our satelite box just switched off for inaction]
During Jesus's day the religious leaders condemned Him spending time with sinners.
They must have thought the best way to change them was by condemning sinners.
Lord told the story of the lost sheep leaving the ninety and nine to find it.
The parable has been interpreted as a call for action to us. While appropriate and good.
Is is possible that Jesus's purpose was to teach of the work of the Good Shepherd?
Testifying of His love for his wayward children and that He will find them and reach out to them?
What must the sheep do to qualify?
Does it have to use a sextant or GPS, the expertise of an app to call for help, endorsement by sponsor?
No. Certainly not.
The sheep is worthy of divine rescue because it is loved
He knows and loves us. He knows and loves you. He knows your tears, grief, etc.
matters not whether of your choices or circumstances beyond your control
He will find you
He loves you
He will rejoice when you are found
What is the catch?
He will force no one to Heaven.
He will not rescue us against our will.
His invitation is simple - draw near unto me and I will draw near unto you D+C 88:63
Act on Hope and reach out to Heavenly Father.
Over time you will recognize his hand in your life and the desire to walk in his light and follow His way
Step of Faith are called obedience
Not a popular word these days
But a cherished concept in the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Art. of Faith 3
There nothing good unless it is done
It's not enough to talk about it.
If our faith does not change the way we live, our religion is vain and our Faith if not dead is not well
Obedience is the life-blood of faith
It is by obedience that we gather light unto our souls.
We may see obedience as an end in itself rather an means
or we pound it on those we love to batter them into heavenly matter.
There are times for stern call to repentance
But perhaps there is a different metaphor
Maybe obedience is not so much the bending twisting into something we are not
It is the process in which we discover what we are truly made of
We are literally God's children.
We carry within ourselves the substance of divinity
Here on earth we become encumbered with that that is corrupt and impure
We forget our birthright and purpose
But all this cannot change who we truly are
Fundamental divine nature cannot change
The moment we move to follow the Savior - the love of God fills our hearts - truth fills our minds
Obedience is not a punishment but a liberating path to divine destiny.
The corruptions and dust begin to fall away
And our divine radiance of goodness is revealed.
God sees us as we truly are and He sees us worthy of rescue
Just as the God Shepherd finds his sheep just lift your head to the Savior and he will lift you up and carry you home
If mortal hands can restore a beautiful church God can certainly rebuild us.
Each step we grow more into what we were designed to become.

[Wow! That was a Beautiful Talk!]

Frauenkirche, Dresden, in ruins.Bundesarchiv, Bild 183-60015-0002 / Giso Löwe / CC-BY-SA 3.0
Frauenkirche in Dresden rebuilt by man. God can do better with us, His lost sheep.

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