Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Summer Solstice Strawberry Moon, Lilacs, and the Invisible Gnome

I admit that I "pinked" it up a bit for the Strawberry moon. While the edges seem fuzzy, what detail otherwise!!

It didn't go exactly as idealized. The moon trajectory did shine its light on the newly planted lilacs but I couldn't wait for it as it was waaaaay past my bedtime. Hence, the flash. And it's not that easy planting in the late eventide even on a Solstice because, unlike Alaska, it does get dark. The sister of the now triplets purchased rather inexpensively at Smith's Marketplace, AKA the store formerly known as Fred Meyers, is thriving and if these Oregon delights thrived in this heat at Fred's in the tiny, black plastic containers, they should transplant very well without too much shock.

And the tags. I only noticed this morning that the lilacs came from Mount Angel, Oregon. Could there be a better place name! ("No," is my answer). I got another "Firmament" and a "President Poincaré" harkening back to the days of the Great War. If you are President of France I'm sure it would be no greater honor to have a flower named for you, pinkish even. (Well, after a wine or some food dish--with sauce). And trying to find out more about President Poincaré, I came across this about Syringas (lilacs in generis):
"According to Bulfinch's Mythology, Syrinx (Greek?) was a nymph and a follower of Artemis, known for her chastity. Pursued by the amorous Greek god Pan, she ran to the river's edge and beseeched succor from the river nymphs. In answer, she was transformed into hollow water reeds that made a haunting sound when the god's frustrated breath blew across them. Pan cut the reeds to fashion the first set of pan pipes, which were thence forth known as syrinx. The word 'syringa' originated from this word."
Just a few days ago, we attended our Missionary Son's friend's last flute concert before she leaves on her mission to NY, NY North. She played Debussy's "Syrinx" and told this story, Life is full of these connections. They are everywhere.
The Invisible Gnome. Get it? :)
Mr. Invisible guarding Firmament on the left and President Poincaré on the right.

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