Saturday, June 18, 2016

Camera Test No. 1

Well, I've taken a few pics. And I am nothing more than an amateur still on "Auto" features. I figure I will be taking more photos of places and scenery in Wales, so I would work on that a bit.

I'm using a moderately priced Canon Power Shot SX530 HS. Nothing at all real fancy, but I think it's about the right level for me.

First, let me show the amazing zoom feature:
Centerville (Deuel Creek) Canyon from the side of my house. About a mile away as the eagle flies.
(oh, yes. There are eagles up there!)
There is an American Flag that someone maintains up there on the rock outcropping on the left side of the canyon opening. It is right above the place the Scouts call "Mahogany Grove" (no actual mahoganies). And it is the tightest point of the canyon.

So I zoom in on the flag and get a shot like this:
The Star-Spangled Banner still waves.
Oh, yeah! That's pretty darn good!

And even closer. I'm getting some pixelation evident on the flag pole.
But you can still clearly determine there is a lanyard tie of some sort there.
Let's try the other way with the Bountiful Temple about three miles at a shot out my library window.

The neighbor's westernized cape cod features rather prominently
So, let's zoom in on the Temple:
We're picking up a little wavy air from the heat from that distance more than any pixelation here I believe.
And here, pixelation and heat waves. 
The cool part here is that while a bit blurred, I can clearly see that the angel has been repaired from the lightning damage of a few weeks back. I don't know when they did it, but it must have been rather promptly.

Although, I may just spend the rest of my life taking pictures of my flowers. Ah, Summer!
Yellow Lilium Stars just coming out as they do every mid-June. Already here when we moved in.
The "Plum" roses for my daughter's wedding reception.
A "President Lincoln" rose.
The bright pink roses already here when we came.

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