Thursday, June 2, 2016

The Unified Field Theory of Disney Pixar's "Cars" and the Welsh Indians

Gallup, New Mexico isn't really all that bad on a full stomach of genuine chile rellenos and sopaipillas. Here for work as I have been many times, I find my flights of fancy off to speculate on something I think is pretty solid along with things not quite so.

I am still convinced that the scenery between here and Grants, NM, was the inspiration for the modified Southwestern imagery of Disney Pixar's Cars. I mean, just look at the bluffs west of Gallup!

Note the Red Bluffs in Cars.
Red Bluffs at Gallup

And then there's the word for the Navajo People. "Navajo" is Spanish and I'm not sure why Coronado or whoever named them that. Their name for themselves is Diné or The People meaning "Us guys" (and when I use "guys" here, I mean the gender-neutral "mankind" type use).

Now, every true Welshman knows that Prince Madoc of Cymru discovered America long before Columbus and probably before Leif Erickson. There have been many theories about Welsh Indians, some with reference to the Navajos. And if we take their own Navajo name for themselves, we can see that Diné is much like Dyn ni in Welsh meaning "We are" or "Us guys."

Well, that doesn't really work because dyn ni is just a shortened form of the more formal rydyn ni which doesn't quite fit. But then again, the Welsh word for "man" is dyn and "men" would be dynnon. So we're getting back to a possible "us guys."

I think I'd better quit and go to bed. I am pretty sure of the Pixar bluffs theory, though.

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