Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Trump Bites Off More Than He Can Chew

In spite of the Constitutional provisions of Freedom of Religion, no Establishment, and No Religious Test (for the Pharisaical Hypocrites out there). See Art. VI of the U.S. Constitution as reference. Hillary Clinton seems to be consistently Methodist, maybe of a Welsh* strain, throughout her life. Your can check out this article from The Atlantic.

And another article of interest from the the British Guardian, is one that Trump should take as a warning. His bullying bluster is going to come up against a man of real integrity, morality, and American principle, President Barack Obama. Mark my words. Trump is a man of poor moral character as most LDS or Mormon voters have figured out, some following the lead of Romney, others of us having long figured it out on our own.

To prove this point with the evidence that Trump is either one of the stupidest politicians to ever seek high office (oh, yes. He is a de facto and de jure politician by running for president) or one of the most cynically nasty, he recently posed with Evangelical leaders in front of his proud wall of magazine covers. This included one, just past the attractive Evangelical woman, with Trump on the cover of Playboy. There is temptation towards crude jokes at this juncture but I will leave the crudity to the Donald. A picture tweet speaks a thousand words.

Source: Washington Post
*Secretary Clinton's religious mentor was Pastor Don Jones (The Atlantic article above), so I'm assuming some Welsh influence from Jones's surname heritage.

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