Saturday, August 3, 2013

Something in the "Code Blue" Muse

Layton-Kaysville's "Code Blue" performing for our Ward Party last night at Trump's Field. Anon-D on right.
Brother Love was good enough to paint his trailer bed with that great non-skid surface after we asked to use it for a stage at the ward party last night. It worked perfectly!

So did the band. I promised them a good blog review for all of you two dozen or so readers out there. They really are really good for a suburban, old-guys, garage band. Well, there is one young guy - the son of the lead singer - who had all the teen (and pre-teen) girls enthralled with his cajon drum (electronic drum box with various sounds). Or maybe it was his "dangerous" RM-rock persona.

How could I not like a band that plays songs right out of 1970? (The Turtles "Happy Together," The Guess Who's "No Sugar/New Mother Nature," Otis Redding's "Dock of the Bay," and "Bridge over Troubled Water.") They do a lot of Simon and Garfunkel. The lead singer, Mark, who is just my age-demographic, has a great voice modifying from Johnny Cash & Elvis right into melodic harmony with his partner who can hit the high notes. You could say they put the "art" in Garfunkel and there is no "pall" enshrouding their Simon. (Somebody really should slap me about now.)

The best part is that the band features none other than Anonymous D on lead guitar. So yeah, there is that bias. But the ward members were impressed. As I was asked to introduce the band, I carefully pronounced "Layton, with a 'T,'" and noted that as D is my much younger brother-in-law, I taught him everything he knows about Rock & Roll. Which is partly true because he did borrow my Guess Who CD a few years ago to learn that one song.

And then there was the rare opportunity to pay someone a spontaneous compliment and have it acknowledged with the flick of smile. D has practice hard to make his guitar gently weep. As he aced the bridge solo in George Harrison's "Something," I shouted out, "Yeah! GEORGE!" D didn't bring us down. He delivered along with the rest of them.

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