Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Blog Hiatus

We're not shutting down. We're just taking an indefinite break. My life bounces from obsession to obsession and right now it's family history reflected in the new blog, John & Elinor Vaughan Descendants. While obsessions get me going, its great when they're on the positive, rather than the negative side of life. And don't get me wrong, I'm not obsessive to a fault - or illness. I still do my job, love my wife, go to church, etc.

And right now after the little diatribe coming up, I need a break from political commentary because it's just the same, old, inane garbage going on. Our Munchkin Senator is still trying to destroy Obamacare or at least the whole government. Pay freezes, continuing resolutions, and sequester still going. And all because we have a good President that a significant minority of the country just can't stand. Most of the stuff they complain about is absolutely and totally false, stupid, or ridiculous.

Putting myself in the future about 50 years, well maybe only 40. I can imagine, and you dear readers ought to try this same little experiment, a little grandchild (or great?) comes up and asks, "Gramps, why did people back then hate President Obama so much?" I'm making a prediction that some, at least, will be sufficiently embarrassed by then. Oh, and it's not the end of the world. I think we'll (well, some of us will) still be here. Just be prepared for the Lord's coming whenever it is, particularly in any of the next seconds when you could expire and face Him. He might just be asking a similar question.

And I'm not happy about looming war with Syria, or at least the with the Assad Regime. I'm not saying it may not be appropriate, but it doesn't meet my criteria of a defensive war even if it's defending the weak, There is no UN legal sanction, which is rather impossible here because Russia can't afford to lose one of its few military allies and all the weapons (chemical?) they've been providing. I guess it can't even be a NATO action because of Turkey next door to Syria which is just an introduction to ground war on the border.

 If it's only a big bluff, Secretary Kerry and the President are sure playing it well. Politically, I see the irony and bipartisanship of an alliance with Senator McCain. But that's not enough.

So, sit back, relax. Fox News, the Great Bloviating Rush, and the Nazi-memorabilia-collector Glenn will keep you all entertained while I am out.

And what is a Miley Cyrus???


  1. Oh.
    You were this Australian Mormon's only ray of hope that not all American Mormons are crazy, gun-obsessed, Beck-Worshiping right-wing extremists!
    Where can I turn for peace?
    Where is my solace?
    Enjoy your hiatus!


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