Saturday, August 17, 2013

Last Day on the Trail

Leaving Philmont, we went north up I-25 and across Wyoming on I-80. It's longer, but at mostly freeway speeds it at least seems faster. We did take the Ft. Collins to Laramie cut-off, so that was some help. I was compelled to travel Wyoming again. I still can't get over the discovery of our Eleanor (Elinor) Vaughan walking across the plains with a handcart at 68 years of age!

With our grandson with us, it wasn't the day to go up to Ft. Laramie and Casper and follow the whole trail across Wyoming. But I was glad to see Granger after Little America where the Mormon Trail comes up from the Green then skirts Church Butte crossing I-80 into the Bridger Valley.

Attempting to liken the pioneer experience unto us, I offer the following:

Fort Bridger is an important rest and supply stop on the trail

The wagons line up for the night. Orson Pratt's weather measuring devices can be seen in the distance.
Our smaller wagon huddles close to the fort. One wheel hub appears to have been damaged in the journey.
Waiting for the buffalo meat to roast. By his clothing, this may be an Elder returning from a mission to England.
One young pioneer lad is pleased to obtain his own copy of the Fremont map.

The skies are dark over the high plains of Wyoming. But the hope of Zion shines brightly before us.
Sorry, that's all I've got tonight.

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