Saturday, August 24, 2013


Went to a great concert the other night with some very good friends. It was Christopher Cross, Orleans, Firefall, Player, Robbie Dupree, and the Dream Weaver himself - Gary Wright. It was a late 70s into 80s nostalgia overdose. And loads of fun!

Just before it began there were still two empty seats to my right. As on an airplane, there was some sense of relief that an obnoxious walrus wasn't going to sit beside me. Then, this tall, blonde girl comes down the row and it was one of my favorite Cousins!

I have a theory that we need not plan activities with our relatives. The Good Lord takes every opportunity to to put us together under surprising and sometimes necessary circumstances.

My wife enjoyed the concert and had me prepare a play list of the songs we heard. I had a few and bought the rest on Amazon or iTunes. I reference them to encourage you to buy a particular one by Christopher Cross (and so I don't get sued). It's a fairly new song he released in 2011 called "Dreamers."

As Christopher Cross was performing in jeans, a black shirt, and a black flat cap pulled down on his forehead, I whispered jokingly to my wife if she thought he was an extrovert or an introvert. She emphatically said that he was most definitely an introvert. The thing it, he never really looked at the audience as he shared his beautifully ethereal voice. When he was done, he just walked off the stage without seeming to recognize that he was in a packed amphitheater with cheering fans.

So, I felt a kinship. And he nailed it with this song:


Off in a million dark corners
Dreamers sit plying their trade
Mind like an open umbrella
Dreamers, dreamers
Calmly watch the parade

As we gasp at the madness
They dream through the horrors we grieve
What would the world be without them
Dreamers, dreamers
Bring our only reprieve

Look inside them
No one's there
Steal their secrets
They don't care

Dreamers see beauty in trouble
Dreamers find truth in it all
Tuning their ears to the starlight
Dreamers, dreamers
May the universe call

All good dreamers know despair
Take your best shot
They don't care

Dream a lot

All good dreamers know despair
Take your best shot
I don't care

Some dreamers dream till they get there
Some dreamers stop at the door
So let's sing a song for the lost ones
Dreamers, dreamers
May they dream ever more

My wife really liked it too. And what I heard was a Kindred Spirit. Check out the YouTube and then buy your own copy of the song. Support the Dreamers!

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