Sunday, February 26, 2012

Maybe New.FamilySearch DOES work!

With the recently renewed controversy on violations of church rules NOT to do Temple work for Holocaust Victims. (DON'T! You can face church discipline as well as being cut off from the web access, besides just proving yourself a total jerk), it is good to know that the self-regulating and correcting portions of the system do actually work.

I've been somewhat annoyed recently going past my grandparents on the "Me and My Ancestors" tree because it shows the little green arrow for temple work to be done when I know that it isn't needed. I had seen that someone had made an erroneous entry about one of my uncles.

So, seeing that bouncing green arrow again this morning, I decided to do something about it. I first went in and tried to correct the false information, which of course I couldn't do not having entered it. So I wrote a little note explaining my "other opinion" that my uncle was very much alive (he and his wife recently served a mission at Martin's Cove). Then I sent an email to the guy identified as the source. I copied my ward Family History Specialists because they're my good buddies who live down the street and I thought they could help if I couldn't get it fixed.

In nine minutes I had an email back with an apology from the guy who explained he had uploaded some information from a GEDCOM file he got from some other guy he named who happened to be my mom's cousin I know fairly well. The cousin lives not far from me (next stake south) and has been serving as a Mission President in Argentina. Well, the guy said he'd fix the entry. I just went back in and it's gone! The little green arrow is no longer there! So, I sent him a "thank you" message back.

My Sunday mornings seem to come down a lot softer than Johnny Cash's did. Oh, and I don't plan to do Johnny Cash's temple work or that of any other famous person and certainly not of Holocaust Victims. Nobody else should either. We can wait for their families or just check it out with them during that thousand-years time. Don't be a genealogy jerk.

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