Thursday, February 2, 2012

How to Talk about the Poor

President Obama at the National Prayer Breakfast today reminds us to care for "the least of these."

Meanwhile, out at Trump Tower Resort and Casino in Las Vegas, Governor Romney doubles down on not being concerned about the poor by receiving the endorsement of the donald. I guess that might win him more cred with the birthers too.

Romney is perfectly honest on this issue of not being concerned about the very poor. He wants to concentrate on the middle class, the "ninety-five" percent, which I take to mean what's left with the 1% of the super rich subtracted along with the 4% of the extremely poor. Building an economy friendly to the middle class should help the very poor and even the rich as the 95-percenters have more economic security and disposable income. It kind of makes sense.

Of course in saying it Romney was about as tone-deaf as his dad explaining how he had been "brainwashed" by the Generals in Viet Nam.

Of course he added that he doesn't need to be concerned because the very poor have that "safety net" that he wants to patch up--to catch more poor, I guess. Good for him! That's a little of the real Romney peaking out. Maybe we can get more of that old moderate back. The problem in saying things like that is contrary to the far right's philosophy that you can only help the poor by boosting the economy and giving the rich enough money to hire them for real jobs. The safety net is exactly what they want to do away with. They don't often say that, but they sure don't want to hear their inevitable candidate say we need to patch it up.

Come on, Mitt. You can do a lot better than the donald.

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  1. (Anon/M) The problem with helping the very poor by "boosting the economy and giving the rich enough money to hire them for real jobs" is that, if we are talking about the bottom 5-percent, they are not looking for a job and are not employable.


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