Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Bishop Romney? Or Father Rick?

Some pundits have pontificated that Santorum may try to use his late surge to end up as Romney's VP choice. Others say that Romney will need a solid social conservative like Santorum to shore up his base (remember how well that worked for McCain?) But the latest I see is that it may be the other way around. Maybe Romney wants to ingratiate himself to surging Santorum on the culture wars. Or what is Mitt thinking trying to bash the President on the religion issue?

KSL.com had this headline, "Romney says Obama has fought against religion"  And it raises the question, what religion is the President fighting against? Romney's? Or Santorum's? I don't think they're exactly the same, and based on some of the other rhetoric among the Republicans and their religious supporters, there seems to be a bit of a difference of opinion on religious legitimacy.

Considering the "no religious test" requirement found in Article VI of the U.S. Constitution, not to mention the First Amendment  Establishment Clause, why has the race for the Presidency become some sort of theological Super Bowl?

Back to the President--I know some object on philosophical, Libertarian grounds, but all the President wants to force on people is health insurance--like the insurance plans he and other federal officials already have. The Republicans seem to want to force religion on people--like the religion they have. Only they can't decide among themselves which religion is the one to enforce. Maybe they'll have a list of federally approved religious plans to choose from. After all, the Congress and the President did get the health-care mandate idea from the Republicans.

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