Thursday, February 23, 2012

A Newt Is Cheerful

Maybe it was just me, but it didn't seem like there was much to that Republican Debate last night. The newt got in the best line in response to a silly question from John King to describe themselves in one word, the newt looked rather annoyed as each tried to outdo the other on steadfastness and conservative cred. As the last the answer, the newt with his evil grin said, "Cheerful." I'm just glad Romney didn't say, "Severe."

And then there was the first question of the night from the audience by Gilbert from Gilbert. And I was just hoping for someone to say, "Well, Gilbert from Gilbert . . . ." But they didn't.

Romney held his own and argued his severe conservatism. Santorum was on the ropes defending his record in the Senate generally for following his Republican president and otherwise being a Senator.

Romney had the crowd. There may have been some hall packing. But how clueless is CNN and the other candidates not to realize that Mesa, Arizona would naturally produce a fairly Mormon crowd? I mean the only area around Phoenix more Mormon is, well, Gilbert.

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