Monday, February 20, 2012

Government Is Good

I'm not making this up, people. And it's not just promoting my self interest. As a federal employee, I'm tired of being a whipping boy for everybody's self-interested complaints about what they don't like. I went to work for the federal government as a patriotic duty to try and do a little good in the world. It's about time more of us promoted that good with some participatory democracy with hope for the future and our divinely inspired Constitution.
We believe that governments were instituted of God for the benefit of man; and that he holds men accountable for their acts in relation to them, both in making laws and administering them, for the good and safety of society. D&C 134:1
One of the most pernicious false doctrines today is the idea that "Government Is the Problem." Government is not an inherent evil as anarchists and extreme conservatives promote -- not even in the sense of another misguided theme that the less there is of it, the better.

The government under our Constitutional system is the People's government. And we as the People are accountable for it. I happen to believe as I've blogged here ad naseum that it doesn't matter so much what our political, philosophical or religious views are as long as we respect the Constitutional process of self-government which means to come together to find the common ground and common good instead of accusing everyone with which we disagree of pernicious evil. Of course, I'm not immune as my diatribe here gets close to the edge.

But what an opportunity we have in this nation, and in the State of Utah where we have a great opportunity for participatory democracy! The voice of the people! For all my LDS friends out there, how can you doubt when the First Presidency issues a letter read in Sacrament Meeting to encourage participation in local caucuses in whatever party one may choose!
Principles compatible with the gospel may be found in the platforms of the various political parties. We encourage members to attend their precinct caucus meetings
Some even cynically say, "well, the Church has to say it that way to appear to be neutral to protect their tax status, but we all know they really want us to go vote for tea party candidates, or the Republican Party, or Romney delegates, or Skousenite-Libertarians or whatever." Really?  If this current Republican primary season is telling us anything, it is that there is no clear answer or "right" way to go even within the Republican Party.

In fact, I'll make a general invitation to attend the caucus of the other major political party in Utah scheduled for Tuesday night, March 13, where we don't have such pretensions of always being "right." Parking is not so much a problem and it's a lot easier to get credentialed to go on to the County or State Conventions as I did in 2008 just for showing up. (Oh, and I'm precinct chair anxious and willing to pass on the post assuming anybody else comes.)

Keep an open mind. I just had a Facebook friend who can be found at Utah Political Summary post that he's going to both! That's the spirit!

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  1. Grant, I have a similar story to you as a state employee


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