Tuesday, February 7, 2012

A Broken Heart for the Powell and Cox Families

Can I write this? I don't know how to express the overwhelming horror of the tragedy. I don't feel anger or blame and I am not connected to any of the family members with their varying stages of grief.

I suppose there is still a slight chance that the father was innocent in the disappearance of Susan and was driven to an irrational and sick act by the hate of irrational and sick cyber-bullying or personal and family conflicts we will never understand. But it seems most likely that he confirmed his guilt in the original disappearance with much of his behavior thereafter, especially his last, horrifying and premeditated act of evil.

This is not the blog for an in depth analysis of all the facts known or supposed. I only hope that with the main person of interest in Susan Powell's disappearance dead that the investigators will be able to reveal more about their investigation and what they know and what they surmise. Then, more of this puzzle can be fashioned to get a better picture of what happened so that all can better understand to heal and maybe even prevent some similar horror if such is even possible. Of course, there is still a grandfather in jail now a person of interest in Susan's disappearance. Law enforcement and prosecutors must still proceed with utmost caution for any hope of earthly justice.

And with no blame here for Susan who was attempting to deal with a difficult situation the best way she could, I offer up this story that I only know from a distance and with confidences protected:
There was a young woman who went to Brigham Young University who met and fell in love with a young man who took her to the Temple to be married for time and all eternity. In short time, however, the young woman realized that this was a troubled and abusive young man and within months she left his life and began a new one right back at BYU to finish her degree. She met another young man and after a divorce was final, there was another offer of marriage and the desire to be sealed in the Temple, no less. So, a second process began to obtain a cancellation of temple sealing in order to enable another. It worked. As the priesthood has power to bind on earth as in heaven, it also has the power to loose on earth and in heaven. Thank heavens for restored priesthood keys of eternal life and salvation! At thank heavens for at least one blessed case where a young woman made an extremely difficult and wise choice to seek for that loosening and sealing.

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