Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Congressman Bishop and I Agree on Something!

Wow!  Usually I call Congressman Rob Bishop's Office to disagree or complain. And when I see him in parades (4th of July, Pioneer Day, etc.), I just yell at him (if Linda doesn't clamp her hand over my mouth first). Tomorrow, I'm going to call his office and thank him for a vote.

Apparently he joined today with a tea party faction to vote against an extension of certain aspects of the so-called "Patriot Act." This is big. At least it's something on which I think my friends who are Libertarians, Liberals, or true "small-government" Conservatives, and I can all agree.  It's one area where I disagree with our President.

Sadly, I think it may just be a symbolic vote as the the Washington Post explains.  The Republicans apparently can change the rules from a super-majority requirement to a simple majority vote on this which they will likely win.  But still, maybe I won't yell at him at the next parade.

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