Tuesday, February 22, 2011

John C. Calhoun Rises from the Dead!

Senator Mike "Tea Party" Lee addresses the Utah Legislature and says he represents "the sovereign state of Utah" when I thought he was elected to represent the People who live here and are sovereign in establishing the Constitution by "We the People" not "We the States." He preaches anachronistic theories of states' rights doctrine. He wants to repeal a portion of the Fourteenth Amendment. Lincoln is spinning in his grave while Sen. Calhoun is back and apparently advising Sen. Lee ("Lee" that rings some kind of bell - actually, it comes from John D. Lee, not Marse Robert. But people shouldn't be judged by their ancestors).

Maybe that's where I made my mistake. While I did not vote for him, I was hoping that much of Mike Lee's tea party enthusiasm was a pose and that once in office, he would mellow into a more responsible, rational conservative Republican like his father, Rex Lee. So far, no deal.

I don't know what to do. I honestly don't understand how the fringe took over. It may be by some Skousenite, Beckian dogma that distorts and ignores 220+ years of Constitutional History including the Civil War. I mean, by my theory of the Constitution that the people rule, a majority of people in Utah actually voted for this guy and I have to respect that. Fortunately, we are a "Nation indivisible" thanks to Lincoln, Grant and the Grand Army of the Republic. That means that Sen. Lee's odd views are not likely to prevail among the majority of the People who are still sovereign in these United States.

The Union Forever!

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