Sunday, February 27, 2011

The Meek Peacemakers

Our Gospel Doctrine teacher was solid today but he gets a little nervous with comments that take him off his preparation. So, I was quietly going a little deeper in thought on my own into the Sermon on the Mount (Matt. 5). I had already noted and marked the Temple-War connection there. (OK, to lay it out - "Peacekeepers" should be obvious. The Beatitude just above mentions "pure in heart" which equals "Zion" (D&C 97:21) and "Zion" is the same thing as "Temple." (Jeremiah 50:28) (Jeremiah rather explicitly linking Zion, Temple and War).

And I was trying to figure out the meek inheriting the earth.
The Beatitudes start with the "poor in spirit" getting the kingdom of heaven which makes perfect sense for the humble, or those "poor in pride" from the footnote. So who are the meek and is it really only the dirt they inherit? With all my recent family history work thinking back to medieval times and how cruel the world was then with even a starker difference between the high and the lowly, or meek, I could certainly see the justice of the Lord in giving the faithful peasants the riches they deserved when the great and cruel lords and kings of the earth find themselves with Dives. At home I took it even deeper and checked the footnote for "meek" and was led to Psalm 37, specifically verse 11 with another one of those spiritual electric charges. This is a Psalm my wife referred me to at a troubled time in my life when I was overly worried about finding peace when seemingly surrounded by enemies. While there's no direct connect to Temple with the language, there certainly is when you go there to "delight in the abundance of peace."

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