Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Moderation Conquers Passion

Or maybe I'm just a coward.

Senator Mike "Tea Party" Lee had an open house in his offices two floors below us in the federal building this afternoon. I don't know anyone who went. I wanted to go really bad. Bad being the operative word because every time I started to talk about it with my co-workers, I got a little overly worked up. My colleagues thought they would have to hold me down instead of enjoying senatorial cookies.

I had a lot of good lines if I were to shake his hand: "I'm Grant Vaughn. Grant, as in Ulysses S." or "I knew your dad a little. It's too bad you're not a reasonable and rational conservative like he was" or even, "Your father would be ashamed of you." and then there could be the absolutely out of control rants about Skousenites, Glenn Beck, etc. I even thought about gathering up all my Hispanic and African-American friends in the building and going to tell him that we weren't big fans of states' rights. But that would be a little manipulative of the "race card" especially on my part taking the lead of such a thing. Maybe somebody else did it on their own. There are posters in our building for African-American History Month portraying a Soldier of Color in Union Blue uniform. I suppose in the 1860's that was even more threatening than our current President is to some. I wonder how the posters registered with the Senator.

So, instead of going I just worked in the office. One of my colleagues got to use the Supremacy Clause today along with McCulloch v. Maryland on a county trying to tax federal property. Wish it could of been me. Maybe tomorrow.

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