Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Jon Huntsman - Republican for President?

Wow!  He really appears to be serious about running.  I have thought all along that he and the President were playing the Chinese to enhance the stature of our Ambassador to get whatever, and I'm not quite sure what, out of the Chinese leaders.  Maybe there is no sophisticated bluff with the Chinese and Huntsman is upset with the Prez for joking around about his presidential ambitions or perhaps there is a more substantial policy rift.  And I sure don't see how he would think he has a chance in the Republican Primaries of 2012 unless the Tea Party movement completely collapses in abject embarrassment (and as much as one might like to see that, political winds don't usually change that way).  He may simply be positioning himself for a stronger run in 2016.  Or maybe he just has it out for Romney.  I dunno.  This will require more thought and attention.

I can tell you that he would certainly be my pick out of the Republican field.  But as the view of a "passionate moderate" I'm not sure that would carry much weight unless the Republican Party suddenly allows moderates back into favor and the Tea Party, well, see above.  More to follow . . . .

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