Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Temple & War Updated: "Hosts of the Dead"

Joseph F. Smith

I had a thought come that Doctrine & Covenants Section 138 also connected war with the Temple. It is all about the gospel being preached to the dead and family history and Temple work done on their behalf. The most interesting thing, and what brings me to the connection, is that the revelation was received in October 3, 1918. That was the month before the Great War or World War I ended. It was also the height of the Influenza Epidemic. And that connection with the Great War and so much death is very sobering. There was much to mourn and great need of hope for a more joyful future beyond the grave.

So I did a Google search and came up with an interesting Ensign article by George S. Tate on this same theme providing background for the vision. President Joseph F. Smith died a few weeks after the vision on November 18, 1918. I'm sure that President Smith continued his ministry among the Hosts of the Dead.

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