Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Good Enough for Me and Anonymous D

Just to reveal the kinds of things Anonymous D and I talk about in private, I thought I would share the discussion we had after last Sunday's very disturbing Presidential Debate. I edited very lightly. If the original tapes surface of this or any of our private conversations, from any time, anywhere, they won't be anything near as shocking as the Donald's:

Oh, Grant, I just don't know anymore. Based on my Facebook feed I'd say a good portion of the country are just like Trump. We scarcely deserve our democracy.
Yes. Fascism is at our door but it won't win.

I was just telling a friend yesterday that things are really pretty good too and you know I believe that.
I just don't understand. It's like they're saying, "Bill was an adulterer and I want my own adulterer in there.". Where does Hillary come in?

My bewilderment grows today after logging onto Facebook. More people I thought were normal, or at least not deranged. You know they might not like Hillary, might even vote for Trump, but they aren't going to be vocal about it, they might just do it silently. Then onto Facebook and you discover these people are lunatics. From the standpoint of a reasoned argument there has never been an easier decision in a presidential election, at least in my lifetime. Where does this anger come from, Grant? Where does this hatred and need to dispense justice, justice as [anyone sees] it come from?

Is it the 25 years of not so subtle conditioning? It isn't Trump but the support he gets that bothers me. We've been in worse scrapes in our history but they were usually scrapes of progress, of removing chains. Here we seem to be determined to go backward, fighting our better angels. I'm distressed not at Trump but at the Hatred people have for Hillary, it's childish. The American love for a one-liner is disturbing.
I think I need to cut and paste this for the blog

Go head but edit it. They are incomplete thoughts while I'm sitting at McDonalds.
yeah. I'll let it distill a little. Check out what I just posted on the blog on a much broader but related theme.

Just read it. Of course I agreed but as you stated this has already happened. Years and years during the Clinton administration. 21 separate hearings about Benghazi and they chased that all the way to an email server, there was nothing there. Nothing.
yes. political outrage is worse than any moral outrage. It's partisan and ugly and hateful. I can't understand it.

Do Trump's followers believe that this stops at Hillary? The same tyrant who would throw his opponents in jail Monday, will throw those who have a disagreement with him on Wednesday, and your family on Thursday.
But, once again, on the bright side in my ever unfailing yet squashed to death idealism. The LDS Church and some Mormon politicians get this. Others are severely troubled. That is something.

Yes. That is hopeful.

I'm going to sound a little critical here but so be it. But the Church and the D news have been slow on this. Is a recording of Donald Trump saying these things what it takes? Didn't they know this before? To me this was further confirmation of what I already knew. We have as a people allowed this to go on for 25 years now. Bill has fidelity issues I know that. That in and of itself really isn't enough to make me not vote for him. FDR had issues as well as did Eisenhower and Kennedy and the list goes on. But Trump is so corrupt in so many ways. So manifestly unfit...

Mr response seems to continue in the next post.


  1. Wow. Was sitting on the other side of the world in a KFC last night with my 17 year old son and his young mens President, having pretty much this same conversation. We're scared too, over here, and wonder how this could possibly be happening.

  2. Jeez. I just wrote (one-fingered) a long, eloquent (if I do say so) response to this and lost it while trying to get through the commenting system. Maybe later when I'moved at the computer. Dangit.


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