Tuesday, October 25, 2016

We Know Hillary All Too Well

I think I figured it out. Hillary ain't perfect. We all know that.

I think the reason why so many don't like her is because we know her all too well. We know everything. TMI to the max! And in spite of knowing everything, she will be the next President of the United States because more people know that she is more good than bad.

Who else running for President has been the subject of numerous investigations, so many that we've lost track? - special prosecutors, Congress - it goes on and on. And yet, there is no crime to charge against her. Sure, I don't like some of her decisions. She's admitted that voting for the War in Iraq was wrong and I don't think she's learned all of that lesson because she's still too much of a Hawk. She's also a little too friendly with Wall Street. But Bernie and Sen. Warren will hold her back a bit on both of those.

What do we know about this McMullin guy? Pretty much . . . nothing. And what we know about Trump is pretty much all bad.

As an illustration of this principle, let me share with you a great graphic on candidates' finances from Roll Call. It shows the amount of tax returns produced by each candidate since Richard Nixon:

It appears that Republican candidates haven't been leveling with us the past few election cycles.

Trump is as crooked as the day is long - and ugly in speech and ideas. Some people like that because they feel a need to stop Hillary at all costs. And maybe he'll be crooked and ugly to our enemies or something. (But friendlier to Putin?)

The worst you can say about Hillary is that she is a conniving, self-serving politician, prone to changing positions and compromise. Maybe that's what we need on our side to deal with our enemies and to promote what good we can in the world. 

Considering the alternatives, I think I'm going to pull out my mail-in ballot and fill in some boxes ovals.

Yes, this Blogger is voting for Hillary. We know more than we want to, but it's not all bad. I'm now looking forward to the next four years of continued prosperity and maybe some progress as the Republican Party continues to self-destruct.

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