Saturday, October 1, 2016

Not Live-Blogging LDS General Conference, Sorry

I haven't left the church. I'll be watching conference to the extent I stay awake. But I'm still in recovery from walking pneumonia and tire easily. Also, I am working on a project of scanning family photos that I can work on at my own pace as I listen.

For real-time and post-time internet access, you can watch conference now from pretty much any where in the world at:

I will be blogging later on some themes. I expect we'll here more about aiding refugees as we've already heard in the first session last week, traditionally Women's Conference, and as recently as yesterday from Mormon Newsroom on refugees in Italy.

We may hear something about civility in political discourse. We'll probably hear about protecting religious freedom. We might even hear some opposition to the legalization of certain recreational drugs.

And we will hear about the big ticket items: Temples, eternal families, and family history (hence, my scanning project!)

And we will get all the basics: Faith in Christ, Repentance, Baptism, The Gift of the Holy Ghost, Enduring to the End, the Testimony of the Prophet Joseph Smith, The Book of Mormon.

So, I invite you to join us. Sit back, open your hearts, souls, and minds. Rejoice! It's Saturday General Conference!

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