Saturday, January 17, 2015

Run, Mitt, Run! (far away from here)

For some reason only know to Mitt, Ann, and maybe Refalca the Prancing Pony, Mitt Romney has indicated strongly enough to seize the nation's attention that he may run for President again. The problem is, it seems like there are more than 47% of us now who are not going to ever vote for him (and there were actually 51.1% the last time. It was Mitt who barely cleared 47 at 47.2%.)

The speculation in the media is that he acted to assert his interest before Jeb Bush signed up all the support from the "Establishment" wing of the Republican Party. (The "Establishment" wing - always with a capital "E" - is made of the wealthy people who have wealthy family who have already been or have run for President. The 1% who like to get the 51% to vote for them.)

So far, Mitt has won over most of his highly paid, former consultants, and Governor Gary Herbert of Utah. Herbert's problem is that he is not in the 1% club and has actually been negotiating with Obama (horrors!) on expanding Medicare for the poor in Utah. (Weird how the governorship of Utah tends to liberalize people. Look at Huntsman, Jr., for heaven's sake!)

As a passionate, moderate Mormon you might think I'd be big on supporting Mitt. I used to be when I thought Mitt was one too like his dad was. But now I'm not sure what Mitt is except that he thinks 47% of us are government-dependent losers and that his family wants to punch President Obama. Punching the President used to be considered "bad form" on the part of the 1%. I guess things are different now for some reason.

So, I just want to declare up front that I will not be supporting Mitt for 2016. I will be reporting on the clown-car line-up, though. And I don't think there's room for Mitt in there this time around.

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