Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Chris Stewart, Politician. And Glenn Beck loses it (again).

Back in the days when Chris Stewart and Beck were buddies.
My Congressman, Chris Stewart, seriously disappointed his mentor, Glenn Beck, yesterday. Stewart did the most outrageous thing by voting to keep John Boehner as Speaker of the House! Beck wanted him to vote for Louie Gohmert or any of the other crazies in the Republican tea-party caucus. You can see Beck in all his whining glory at this link.

Now I'm not the world's greatest fan of Speaker Boehner, but it delights me to see my apocalyptic-novelist Congressman break ranks with the Beckians and support Boehner. It's a bold move to part with the forces of money-grubbing, phony patriotism. Maybe, just maybe, Chris Stewart has learned a little something about how the Congress actually works - politics - the art of the possible for who gets what, when, and how. The process is played, or should be played, under the rules of our Constitution - Supremacy Clause, Fourteenth Amendment, and all.

So, Congressman Stewart keeps in line with his party bosses. Glenn Beck keeps in line with his fear-mongering, anti-Obama, rabble-rousing shtick.

This next election cycle will be interesting if the Republican moderates of Utah can regain control of their party. I'd take a reformed Christ Stewart over someone like tea-party, Cruzite, mike lee, any day of the week.

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