Monday, January 26, 2015

Sarah Palin: Platitudinal Incoherence

Sarah Palin rambled in to Iowa this last weekend for the Iowa Freedom Summit. It's where early conservative hopefuls for President try to look good (not appear as total idiots) to gain support for the Iowa Caucus. Sarah gave a speech. This would be really funny if nearly half of America hadn't voted for her to be a heartbeat away. I'm still accepting apologies. Anyone?

John McCain, you have a lot to answer for. This never-ending disaster is of your creation. It negates all the good things you've done now and then that I actually supported (anti-torture, Bush plan on immigration - when you were on that, maybe some others if you give me a week).

I listened to the whole speech. If you can't take that, just listen to two minutes of this video. Any two minutes:

Anonymous D couldn't do it - not even two minutes. His response:
I couldn't last two minutes, any two minutes. When I listen to her I tell myself the same thing. "I hope she's drunk."
I weep for the "heartland."

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