Friday, December 26, 2014

Personal Embossing Tool

My children are the greatest in the world! Each in their own independent and unique way contribute to the world and to the happiness of their parents. United, they are a powerful force for love to be reckoned with.

Honest praise for my children seems more appropriate than just showing off the best Christmas gift ever! They pooled creativity and resources to present me with a personal embossing tool for my library.
It comes in its own little case!

They used the logo from my Vaughan Family armorial, "the Strangled Boye!" OK, my wife still thinks it's creepy and refuses to claim the family, but I proudly do!

The first book I crimped was a new book for Christmas that Santa ordered for himself (but Mrs. Clause is reading the Llewellyn Fawr [the Great] series, so she'll get to this one), The Sunne in Splendor by Sharon Kay Penman. I thought I'd give old Richard III a chance. The second book was my Welsh translation of the Book of Mormon:

Still the 1852 translation with no chapters or verses. There is a new Welsh version in preparation by a BYU Prof & Adjuncts.
I feel a little guilty about being so possessive of my books as I know they will eventually turn to dust as will I. Yet I hope to rise in the Resurrection (thanks to the Lord!) and my puny knowledge with me. The books will be gone, but not the things they have taught me. And on the way to dust, a book given or inherited in love or found in a used book store or just in a random pile of discards, maybe only a single, surviving, embossed page, may remind another human soul that once there was a descendant of Cymru who loved books.

Meanwhile this Christmas break, I have a lot of stamping to do:

Later, same day.

As I was embossing the covers of British Heritage and Cadw pamphlets that I had gathered during our 2010 trip, I reminded myself of something rather significant. Yep:

My children are wise not to let me mess with hot wax. It's not quite as practical today.

And the embossing on a slightly thicker cover looks great! This is the cover of the above pamphlet:

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