Tuesday, December 23, 2014

"Nights Should All Be Silent, Days Should All Slow Down"

It's time for my favorite Christmas song! It is an odd choice, I know. But it is the one song I can play over and over (and I do!) and I don't ever tire of it. (My family bans it so I listen on ear buds). And doubly odd as it's sung by the sleepiest songster ever, Perry Como (but then he sang, "The Bluest Skies" as well. Look it up.)

Yes, "Christmas Dream" featured in the opening credits of a very good anti-Nazi thriller, The Odessa File. Jon Voight plays a reporter in 1960s Hamburg and comes across the diary of a Jewish survivor of the Holocaust who commits suicide. Voight is captivated by the diary and goes off to search out the SS Commandant referenced. No spoilers here, but it's the best kind of story with a surprise ending that makes sense looking back at the movie or seeing it again. And it has that great song.

It's the second verse that gets me every time. Have a listen (and a glimpse of the film):

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