Friday, July 25, 2014

Sort of Guest Post: The Philmont Training Center from a Six-Year-Old Perspective

My grandson came to me in the dining hall and asked to borrow my camera. As an indulgent Grandpa, I complied. This is the result:
The Ga-Ga Pit. The most popular activity for some of the boys. It's Israeli dodge ball as explained to me.
A Ga-Ga game in action
One of the bigger kids from the view of a brave six-year-old.
My Grandson was fascinated with the juice machine with all-you-could drink. It is odd, however, that the only carbonated beverage is orange crush. The only caffeinated is iced tea. Why not some carbonated caffeine like, say, Diet Coke
The hot cocoa machine in the dining hall. A favorite of grandkids and grandpas.

And, of course, cookies. Not as good as Grandma's, but cookies none the less.

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