Tuesday, July 22, 2014

My Friend, Kokopelli

Imagine my surprise when I went to the reception at the Philmont Museum/Bookstore and noticed this great book on Kokopellis of the Southwest and opening it, found a section on the Kokopellis at La Cieneguilla (Santa Fe Canyon) where I helped BLM secure some property for public access. (You're welcome.)

Note the text and map referencing BLM from the work my friends and I did (you're welcome)
Kokopelli is the Wild Man of the Anasazi, and even of some modern New-Agers. Similar figures are found in many cultures including the Cymraeg Pwca (Shakespeare's "Puck"), Dionysius/Bacchus and a multitude of satyrs and fauns. There are always ready for a good time and a release from what can often be the drudgery of life, especially in ancient times. On a long stretch here, I suppose we have some similar figures even in Mormon culture, something between a cross of Orin Porter Rockwell and W.W. Phelps with a little J. Golden Kimball thrown in.

Kokopelli took me to the bridge lyrics in Harry Chapin's "Taxi."

Oh, I've got something inside me,
To drive a princess blind.
There's a wild man, wizard,
He's hiding in me, illuminating my mind.
Oh, I've got something inside me,
Not what my life's about,
Cause I've been letting my outside tide me,
Over 'till my time, runs out.

OK, I'm not going to explain that any further except by escaping to another friend of mine, the Preacher from Ecclesiastes, who does say there's a time for everything. Maybe even Kokopelli.

Go look for him on the stones of time.

He's waiting.

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