Saturday, July 12, 2014

Boehner Presents Foolproof Plan to Get Wicked Obama

Speaker Boehner explains his brilliant plan to a confused Dorothy (representing America, of course)
Yes! The Brilliant Munchkins of the 113th Congress finally have the opportunity to do in the evil President Obama once and for all! Speaker Boehner just announced his plan to sue the President over his delay in implementing the Obamacare mandate!
It's brilliant! They didn't want Obamacare. They voted to repeal it forty-some times. They asked for the very delay in implementing the mandate on small businesses that they are now suing about! They must have planned this years in advance!

You might think they could have come up with something better. Sarah Palin wants the President impeached over immigration or not visiting the children refugees or something. (When Glenn Beck is trucking in soccer balls and teddy bears as he assumes the heavy burdens of a televangelist.) The Supreme Court just ruled that Obama was wrong in THREE recess appointments (because the Senate recess was only 3 days rather than 10 or so). Darrell Issa has been investigating Benghazi-gate for over a year now! Surely he must have come up with something? (no.) Obama has issued fewer Executive Orders than most recent Presidents. AND the IRS lost some E-MAILS!!!!

Some wiser heads have wondered that this must be some attempt of the Speaker to get his minority of the majority under control so he can keep his majority. He likely will keep his majority, but I doubt he ever gets control of his minority and that may mean he loses his Speakership and helps the Democrats make gains.

Now, if only the Democrats had some good plans. But then Obamacare is working pretty well. The economy continues to improve. There are plenty of troubles, but the USA still stands for freedom and world is far from coming to an end as the Extreme Right has been preaching for the past six years. 

Our more than moderate President remains calm in a storm. I know his polls are severely down. The Right is still disgusted by the very thought of him. The Left is still disappointed in him. I just think with no more elections for him personally, he just might start having some fun being President.
Slighty later:

I did find this video of the President having a little fun:

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