Thursday, July 10, 2014

Lost in Time

Watching an episode of Torchwood last night with a British soldier of the Great War caught in time between 1918 and the present (and he looked a little like Neville Longbottom). I was also at my computer checking some family history at the National Library of Wales and came across some ancient manuscripts, the Black Book of Carmathen.

The book was written about 1250 and is one of the oldest in the Welsh language. The poems and stories go back centuries earlier. And there is a name I can read right at the top "Taliessin," one of the great poets of a people filled with poetry.

It also contains references to Myrddin (Merlin) along with Arthur and his companion Cai.

From the 1500s on for several generations, the book was owned by the Vaughan family. One of my ancestors could have turned its stout vellum pages and read its ancient words. And here I am looking at it in in 2014 through the miracle of digital images.

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