Tuesday, February 12, 2013

SOTU Live-Blogging: New and Improved with Rubio's Water Break

While the rogue LAPD Officer may be burning in a cabin in the mountains of California, the Nation is getting ready for the President's 1st SOTU of the 2nd Term. Gun violence not always factually linked to reform proposals, but the emotional tending to political will sure is.

I'm not taking notes tonight, but I will try to hit highlights. And I have a CNN web-stream on to see if Anonymous is successful in shutting it down as threatened. CNN is on the TV screen and those bozos have the newt on as a commentator? Come on!

I'm not real excited about this because I'm worn out from politics and tired of the failure of Congress to cooperate. Except. In the Fiscal Cliff vote, we got a truly bi-partisan vote breaking the party-line votes from the First Term. There have been a couple of other votes that way. Maybe it is slowly and surely moving in the right direction.

First off is Kennedy reference ("progress"). Lincoln's coming (Oh, and happy birthday! POTUS 16!).

Corporate profits have skyrocketed but so many who work hard still can't find jobs or decent salaries. [People, this is really true, and it's wrong.] People expect Nation's interest before party. Reasonable compromise. We move forward together.

Budget - 2.5 trillion dollars reduction of deficits. Sequestration. Calls for modest reforms to Medicare but they can't take the brunt of it when the rich don't. Spending cuts and new revenue.

Sort of supports Simpson-Bowles. Tax Reform (close loopholes). No brinksmanship. Keep Gov. open and pay our bills on time. "Deficit reduction alone is not an economic plan." [Calling to bluff to kill the Beast]. Our North Star is middle class jobs. [Hmm. Escape from corporate/Republican slavery].

Research and Development to grow the economy. American Energy. Combat Climate Change - "overwhelming judgment of Science."

Aging infrastructure. He knows you like these repairs in your districts cuz he's seen pictures of the ribbon-cuttings (a couple of guffaws).

Home industry healing.

Education - need pre-school. Work with States to make pre-school available for all children.

Stable families built on good education. High School & College.

Our economy is stronger when we include immigrants. Now's the time for comprehensive immigration reform. [And Republicans applaud - they must have got the memo - ta-ta! tea-party!] Bipartisan groups in both houwses are working on comprehensive immigration reform. [Some Republicans want this piece meal to play their games].

Violence against women - shout-out to Joe.

Raise min. wage to $9 an hour. No one who works full time should have to live in poverty. CEO pay have never been higher. Tie Min. Wage to cost of living (as he agreed with Gov. Romney - shout-out).

Chance of birth or opportunity should decide our futures. Opportunity for all. Encourage fatherhood (real men  raise kids).

Thriving middle class - strong families always the source of our power. Salute to troops. We will achieve mission in Afghanistan by defeating core of Al Queda. Bringing home the troops. By the end of next year war in Afghanistan will be over. Commitment to Afghan gov. will continue. Direct action against terrorists (drones?) legal and keeping Congress informed? He will continue to engage Congress. Efforts will be more transparent.

Nuclear threat. North Korea. Further isolate. Iran needs diplomatic solution. Prevent nuclear weapon. Working with Russia to reduce both our arsenals.

cyber attacks. New E.O. on coordinating on cyber attacks. We need Congress to act on this bipartisan.

Trans-Atlantic trade agreement with European Union.

Work on world poverty.

We will keep strong alliances.

Another call-out to our diplomats & armed forces. Maintain best military world has ever known. Equal treatment gay & straight. Keep faith with Veterans.

God-given rights must be protected - right to vote. Non-partisan commission to improve voting in America - experts from Obama and Romney campaigns.

Come together to protect our children - Newtown - 2nd Amendment supporters have come together for background checks and dummy purchases. Law Enforcement wants weapons of war [assault weapons] and big clips off our streets. These proposals need a vote. Talks about Hadiya Pendleton 15-year-old in Chicago killed by gun a block from President's house. Pendleton, Giffords, Newtown, Tucson, several others listed deserve a vote. We won't prevent every senseless act of violence. But we are to make what difference we can - not perfect. SELF-GOVERNMENT - sent here for that work. Nurse in NY who saved babies. 102 year-old African-American voter who had to wait 6 hours to vote. Police officer at Sikh Temple.

In Americans we share same proud title - Citizens - how we are made, what we believe. Country works when we work together. Our rights are wrapped up with each other.

[Green ribbons are for Newtown.]

Did I miss reference to Lincoln?

CNN reports body of fugitive ex-cop was in fire-burned cabin.

The morning after:

Now I feel bad I didn't wait for the Republican Response. But I wasn't feeling well so I went to bed early. Here is the highlight:

And sort of in context here.

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