Wednesday, February 13, 2013

An Even Better GIF from Last Night's SOTU

President and Senator Kirk (R. Ill.) Fist Bump
Remember when FOX News suggested Obama's fist bumping just might possibly mean something sinister? Well, here's proof positive that it doesn't. Initiated by Senator Kirk, Republican of Illinois, this was a friendly greeting on the floor of the House just before the President's SOTU message.

The President even broke through the Joint Chiefs to go out of his way to first shake hands with the Senator as you can see in this slightly longer clip.

Senator Kirk is the one who made news as the new Congress began as he walked up the steps to the Capitol after hard work to recover as best he could from a stroke. Check out this from USA Today.

That fist bump was sincere. It originated with the Senator of the same state but different political party than the President. I think it was also sincere on the President's part to break away to greet the Senator if not for an act of human kindness, as it probably was, but simply to reinforce his political philosophy equally as important, that in spite of our differences, we are all in this together.

Senator Kirk is not going to agree with everything the President does from now on. But the USA Today article notes that he is recommitted to serving the people and to work with Democrats and Republicans alike to do so.

That fist bump may be the most important message of last night.

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