Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Chris Stewart - Politician

As a citizen of the new, gerrymandered 2nd Congressional District with Jim Matheson scooting off to the new 4th to face tea-partier Mia Love- at least I won't have Rob Bishop. I'm voting for Jay Seegmiller. The Republican candidate, Chris Stewart, is just another politician telling people what they want to hear. And he's being promoted by his part-time employer, Glenn Beck.

Watching the Farmington Festival Days Parade last Saturday, Stewart supporters came along the crowd handing out  pamphlets. I politely (yes, politely) told the supporter, "No, thank you. He should go back to writing books." My son-in-law reading through the pamphlet noted that Stewart says that our Founding Fathers were patriots not politicians. I beg to differ.

George Washington traded liquor for votes. Yep. A master politician at work. I won't even go into the character flaws of Jefferson and Franklin. Even the pious John Adams had his flaws. Washington, Jefferson and many other southern founders were, of course, slave-holders - Jefferson perhaps taking advantage of some of the extra benefits.

I could go on about the faults of the founders. That is not my point. I honor them as good, patriotic, even inspired statesmen. What I resent is the false cult of the founders promoted by people like Chris Stewart for political purposes.

I sure Chris Stewart is a decent, even patriotic man. But so is Jay Seegmiller where my vote is going. I haven't sold it for the liquor of mythological patriotism.


  1. Washington also showed up to the Continental Congress in his Militia Uniform politicking for the position of General of the Army for the rebelling colonies. John Adams pushed for Washington - politically - knowing they needed someone from the south to help cement the rebellion with New England; that's also why he pushed for Jefferson to be made the principal author of the Declaration of Independence. Yes, they were patriots, but conservatives kid themselves if they really think they weren't politicians as well.

    1. Good examples, Phil. I probably should have used them instead of veering off into improprieties of the Founders except that some conservatives think that the art of politics is an impropriety.

      Their line of reasoning goes something like this:

      "The Founders were righteous guys."

      "I'm a righteous guy."

      "Therefore, the Founders' philosophy of government must be just like mine."

      "In fact, I see proof of that all the time on Facebook when the Founders are quoted saying things exactly in line with my beliefs!"

      Logic fail.


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