Sunday, July 22, 2012

Ragnar 2012 - The Film (well, digital video)

My nephew, a PhD in the physics of acoustics, and a very fit guy (he plays hockey in Minnesota) came out to run Ragnar with us and took these great vids. Thanks, RC!

This is my boy coming into the first exchange to trade off with me for my first run. That's probably why I'm still so excited and cheerful:

This one demonstrates the literal "run-all-night" aspect of Ragnar - my boy again passing off to me at the top of Hogsback between East Canyon and Henefer on the Mormon Pioneer Trail route.You can hear the great patter of the announcer up there at Station 19, miles from nowhere, in the middle of the night:

Yeah, it was worth it. Still undecided about next year though. But my son-in-law has a team signed up and there are still spots left!

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