Friday, June 29, 2012

One More Turned from the Dark Side

It's good to give credit where credit is due. KSL reported today that former Utah State Representative, Stephen Sandstrom, has had a "change of heart" with regard to the anti-immigrant law he sponsored and based on the Arizona law now essentially struck down by the U.S. Supreme Court.

This is further evidence that the tea party is over. Once you calm down and stop being angry, you might actually find that there are real human beings on the other side of an argument guilty of no more than maybe a misdemeanor. I mean, if everyone who had ever committed a crime, say for traffic violations, were rounded up and expelled from the country or locked away from all the perfect citizens, there wouldn't be many left. Utah drivers alone would, well, I think you get the point.

So I ask my friends who constantly ask me, "What part of illegal don't you understand?" with the counter, "What part of immigrant don't you understand?" I hope it's not the human part. I just thought of that. Credit where credit is due.

Maybe someday more will realize that people who need health insurance are actually human too.

Way to go Sandstrom!

For my previous posts on Sandstrom and his unconstitutional immigration law, click here, here, and here.


  1. Hunh. Methinks he's trying to look like he's leading when all he's doing is being the first to retreat. Well, as long as he's not trying to pound ahead, that's progress.

  2. Yeah, this really surprised me, because Sandstrom hasn't been one of my favorites for reasons that go way back. I imagine he had to do some serious soul-searching to bring his views into alignment with the church.


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