Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Dedication of the Provo LTM (MTC) 1976, Part II

AnonymousD tells me he hates sequels. Regardless, I offer the following that I found while looking for something else. This is my copy of the program for the dedication of the Language Training Center (now, Missionary Training Center), in Provo, Utah, September 27, 1976. The cover:

Inside the front cover:

It folded out into three sections, with two blank pages on the back (pre-paper-conservation days). The second of the three inside pages was the program:

The final page was a layout of the then completed buildings. Note the indication of where I stayed:

The LTM/MTC played a big role in my life as I spent some extra time waiting for a visa. (About the same period of time Joseph was in Liberty Jail - but under much better living conditions.) After my mission, I worked there teaching Portuguese from 1978-1981. It seemed like my natural home when I came back from Brazil.

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