Friday, January 27, 2012

One Small Step for Newt: A Giant Leap for Mittkind

Congrats to Mitt Romney with a little assist from Wolf Blitzer last night for standing up to the school-yard bully. I didn't watch but picked up enough news reports and video clips to see that Mitt came well prepared for some good, and deserved, attack lines on the newt. It doesn't mean I will likely support Mitt as I still like the old Mitt who was Governor of Massachusetts and his dad even better, but I was glad to see him help the newt destroy himself.

The newt did himself no favors in letting his grandiosity get the better of him as he pandered to the Florida Space Ghost Coast about establishing a colony on the Moon and even getting it to statehood. (Hail, Hail, Newtonia!) I think that was actually the turning point for the newt's demise. But credit to Mitt for the well-rehearsed line in response to the newt's garbage about free-enterprise building the moon base. He said that if anyone had come to propose such a scheme to him, Mitt, the successful capitalist borrowing a line from the donald would say, "You're FIRED!"

Now, don't get me wrong. Even as the newtists finally crash and burn in Florida and Mitt returns to the status of the inevitable nominee as the poster boy for the 1%, this isn't helping the Republicans. Mitt will eventually pivot to return to his moderate roots--exactly where I would want him. Unfortunately, that will alienate most of the Republican base and will seem less genuine, well, for obvious reasons.

The Florida Primary is closed so only registered Republicans can vote for these guys. And it's winner-take-all. Take it away, Mitt!

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