Saturday, January 21, 2012

Edmund Ruffin Wins the South Carolina Republican Primary!!

And I don't even like Mitt that much.

There is good to come from this. Mark my words. Of course, that 's easy for me to say as a Democrat who supports President Obama. The Republicans are self-destructing worse than the Democrats are used to doing. The Dems do it a bit more quietly and confusedly like when they nominated Kerry. The Republicans are now doing it like the Democrats of 1860--their intellectual ancestors blowing apart their party to allow the election of the greatest President ever, Abraham Lincoln. (Washington was great too, but he only had to help put a new country together, not save one from falling apart at the same time creating a "new birth of freedom.")

But I mean there's good to come for the Republican Party. They are going to have to reorganize themselves. And I don't mean by putting the newt in charge. They need a new, broad-based philosophy not based on anger and resentment. If  only they had that good old moderate Romney who was Governor of Massachusetts and worked across party lines for health care reform. Or better yet, that good old moderate Romney who was Governor of Michigan.

I even hope Mormons can find a away to get along with the great State of South Carolina and vice versa so we don't all carry a grudge like that whole Missouri thing.

I feel sick like when BYU loses a big game--even though I'm not that big of a sports fan.


  1. It's really quite distressing to watch. There's more to the Republican Party than what we've ended up with. But apparently we're not quite ready to embrace it. Or maybe enough of us think we don't have to, because Obama is so "weak." Ugh.

    In retrospect, 2010 may have been the worst thing that could happen to the GOP, at least for purposes of 2012. I'm sure Mike Lee is still happy, though...

  2. Moderate is just a nicer way of saying squishy.


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