Saturday, January 21, 2012

Best Band at Sundance Film Festival, Park City 2012

Hooligans! From Caleb Chapman Music! New Orleans style street band!

Ok, so I'm cheating just a little. My boy is in this band. I picked up him and the percussion equipment late last night and took these pics. I posted on Facebook. I was searching websites this morning for Sundance pics to see if anybody else had picked up Caleb's Hooligans. Then I slapped myself on the forehead and realized I was the world-wide blogger who had the pics!

My boy (far left) on the drums
More of the Hooligans Band:

And, the only major celebrity sighting:

ADDENDUM (same day):

My boy says that there was a guy with a British accent who "may have been with the BBC" asking them a few questions last night. Maybe their international fame will grow (or start).

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