Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Who Turned Him into a Newt? Will He Get Better?

So, Gingrich is expected to officially announce for the Republican nomination. I still think he's in it for the exposure and book sales. He can't possibly win. But then I never would have thought it possible for anyone to call  their child "Newt." I usually wouldn't make fun of people with funny names, but the newt has it coming.

Sure, people should be forgiven, but for crass hypocrisy? Do not forget that the big-splash, Contract-for-America Speaker of the House had to resign after ethics violations and for doing exactly the same thing, if not worse, than what President Clinton did with the intern! At least the newt recognized his ridiculous position and stepped down instead of continuing as the leader of  the "family values" party with the political and sexual vendetta against Clinton.

I admit it. I really don't like him and I carry a grudge. I lost it with him during the '95 government shutdown. He was insulting to federal employees (OK, so maybe that's just too tempting to avoid). And he exhibited amazingly arrogant petulance in his political battles with Clinton. He is supposedly this brilliant thinker with all these creative ideas.  I heard somewhere though that one of his former aides said he could come up with ten brilliant ideas at the drop of a hat, but nine out of ten of them would be absolutely ridiculous.

So, what are the newt's positions currently? Sure, there's the whole anti-Obama thing, against everything the President has done and is . . . well, except now there's that thing about that guy they got in Pakistan. . . (more about that in a later post). But the newt has taken Sarah Palin's snarky, anti-Obama-ism to new heights of political pandering to the "real Americans." He played with birtherism, insinuating that the President was not really "one of us." He is all for prohibiting "sharia law" in the U.S., but that is just xenophobic nativism. To illustrate how ridiculous this is, why not prohibit North Korean or Cuban law in the U.S.? How 'bout that "risk" of Mexican law? Well, I shouldn't even suggest it because he'll probably start on that next with all the rest of his anti-Hispanic rhetoric.

Maybe Gingrich has some cred for finally working with Clinton to reform welfare and balance the federal budget at the end of the 90s. Yes! Remember? Clinton left a budget surplus for W. Bush!! And the Republican House helped! Then they went on to absolute fiscal irresponsibility with W, cutting taxes and passing new entitlements without any way to pay for them, not to mention trillions on the wrong war, wrong time, wrong place, etc. (Iraq) borrowing money all the way. (And, yeah, many Dems are at fault too.)

So, here we go with the newt! At least it will keep the entertainment value going with Sarah and the donald fading fast.

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