Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Osmonds Save Utah!

OK. Probably over the top and rather late as I wasn't paying attention and I missed this one. But for the record, I will take whatever victories I can get, however incremental, that move us away from extreme conservatism. This is in the right direction. The good people of South Jordan in Republican convention elected Aaron Osmond to fill the State Senate seat vacated by everybody's favorite anti-gay, old grouch, Chris Buttars.

Now, again, it's only a very incremental move as this nephew of Donny and Marie is a pretty solid, conservative Republican. The really good news is who he beat, Skousenite-Beckian, tea-partier, State Rep. Ken Ivory, the one who writes state legislation on how to interpret the US Constitution. Osmond trounced this tea-partier ironically on an anti-government, populist platform running against the hubris of the State Legislature with the controversial HB477 that intended to limit public access to state documents (arguably including the "private" texts of legislators planning their next teen, hot-tub party, or late-night drinking and driving with lobbyists.)

And most importantly, he replaces Senator Buttars, who I'm sure is a good old guy. But he is of an older generation with a rather intolerant view of the current state of society around us. His position on Gays, particularly, was inflammatory and far to the right of even the position of the LDS Church. I have no idea where Sen. Osmond comes out on most issues. I expect he's pretty conservative on the hot-button social issues. But he's not a cranky old man. I hear he has a pretty good smile.

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