Monday, May 2, 2011

Best Mormon History Blog - Keepapitchinin

Well, I haven't found many others to compare. But this one's great! Besides the fact that I had a guest posting published there, I've found the Blog to be highly entertaining. And while the Blog author tends to avoid political issues (heats the blood), she has indicated by some comments posted on other blogs, and links she made to this one, that she shares some "moderate" and even "passionate" views about politics and society. So I link to it on my blog list as it is at least in the moderate middle of the political spectrum if not as slightly left as I am. (Or maybe it is?)

The blog author at (I'll let you go there to understand the name) is a very fair-minded person and has a wonderful philosophy to promote the stories of the unknowns in our history. We don't want anyone to be forgotten. And that's just the spirit we needed to publish about my Great Grandmother, Addie May Wood. A couple of my cousins and I all feel very strongly that she wants to be known. She had such a short life but has a very large posterity that doesn't know her that well at all. We want to know her, be inspired by her, and be prepared to meet her in a better world beyond the veil.

So, here's to Keep on Pitching in! (oops, I sorta gave part of it away). Mormon History lives!


  1. Thanks, Grant; your check is in the mail.

    Really, that was a sweet post about Addie May Wood. Now her name is out there for more of your cousins, whom you may not even know now, to Google. It's amazing how often a family member finds a post weeks or months after it was published and writes an excited comment about how pleased they are to find something so unexpected. I hope you have that experience.

    (And yeah, I'm a bit left. The more the country is yanked to the right, the more left I seem by contrast.)

  2. Ardis-
    With your comment I just realized that I left my e-mail over there advertising the disk I have with all the information about her life (that we've found so far). I have shared the disk with as many in the extended family as I can - and the Bountiful History Museum has a copy. So, yes, we do hope that down the line someone who is interested discovers it and we can get the info to them. Thanks again!


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