Tuesday, March 15, 2016

President Hillary Rodham Clinton

Hillary Rodham Clinton (2017-  )
It really won't be so bad. Actually, it will be worse than Bill's eight-years. The turmoil of anti-Clintonism, Anti-Obama-ism, and anti-all-kinds-of-other-stuff will tear this country nearly apart. But its institutions and Constitution are secure and will survive.

The Republican Party won't though. It's done for. Either Trump is the nominee and tears the Party apart in November, or the Party destroys itself before then.

After today's solid wins for Hillary, Bernie Sanders has no chance to catch her. Hopefully his brand of progressive politics, along with that of Senator Elizabeth Warren, and a few others, nipping at President Clinton's heels will help some.

Rubio is out. Kasich won his favorite-son status in Ohio and will go all the way to the convention to hope for the blessing of the Republican Establishment in a party crack-up. Cruz will go all the way to the convention to hope for the divine intervention of his God-PAC in a party crack-up. However this goes, the Trump supporters will not rest happy and will be a negative force stirring turmoil in the nation. But as they are not the establishment of any party and the Republican Party will shred, there won't be much of an organized loyal opposition to President Clinton.

As the Republican Party fractures, the Senate will go Democratic. the House may stay nominally Republican in majority but will restructure along the lines of whatever new party, or parties will arise. A solid Democratic minority may still be able to take care of things in the House or the people will have to straighten-out their Representatives in new party alignments that will lose the advantage of the Republican Congressional District gerrymanders over the past couple of decades. But Republicans, crazy as they are, still control the majority of state houses.

The Utah Republican Party may be a bell-weather next week as it caucuses. I have no idea how that will go except that Utah is not Trump territory. I will still caucus with the Dems next week and vote for Sanders. The spark of progressive politics must be fanned to overcome the insanity and self-fulfilled dysfunction on the right.

So there we have my political prognostications of the state of the Union this evening. Let's hope for our better angels holding to the dream of a more perfect Union. Otherwise, beware the Ides of March. And every day of every month to come.

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